Construction Quality Management

Inspector of Record: CA - OSHPD &  DSA

Fire-Stop and Fire-Protective Joint Inspection

Plan Check /  Coordination / Constructability

Owner's Quality Assurance

ASSE 6020 Medical Gas Inspectors


NFPA 80 Annual Fire Door Inspection

ADA Accessibility Compliance

LEED Coordination, Plan Check &Third Party Verification

Document Control & Records

Joint Commission Statement of Conditions Preparation

Seismic Upgrades


An IAS - Accredited Special Inspection Agency
     Fire-Stopping and Fire-Resistive Joints

CA Office of Statewide Healthcare Planning & Development

NITC / ASSE Medical Gas

National Fire Protection Association

California Division of State Architect

U. S. Army Corps of Engineers

US Green Building Council

International Code Conference

International Fire Door Inspectors Association

Door & Hardware Institute

Firestop Contractors International Association
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