Our goal is to help create and maintain high quality buildings, constructed to function safely in times of greatest need, and efficiently over the long term.

Quality Management

Quality Management means planning for a quality outcome from the start.  It means bringing everyone together before work begins and clarifying expectations.  It means no work need ever be out of compliance. 

We bring together the most qualified people to manage the quality of your project from the very start through to completion.

Utilizing the Three Phases of Control, the Quality Management team clarifies expectations with contractors and installers before work is undertaken, avoiding costly corrections and schedule delays.

Whether your project is a medical facility, a hotel, or a transportation hub, all documents and records relating to its construction are transmitted to the entire team, and also uploaded to a "cloud" directory, available for viewing anywhere, any time.


UCLA Medical Center Replacement Evaluation Team
Guest Speaker - 2008 State of California Healthcare Summit
FCIA Education Committee
ASTM E-06 Committee - Performance of Buildings
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I read each of your inspection reports and the majority of the reports identify construction deficiencies that must be corrected to comply with the construction documents and / or meet code. I'm not sure of the quantity of items you have identified to date but it must be at least several hundred if not a thousand. Each one of those represents an item that is then corrected during the construction phase. Otherwise the items would likely only have been discovered during the future operation of the facilities, or perhaps never discovered. Both of which are concerning, could be unsafe, and costly.

Thank you for what you do and the way you do it. I am so grateful that you were able to support the McNair projects with your services. Not sure what our status would have been without your services, but I do know we would have had hundreds of unidentified and unrepaired issues to deal with for the life of over 500,000 square feet of healthcare construction.  

Thank you!

J. Lofton Moore
Director - Planning, Design & Construction

Bill and Kathryn Wood incorporated Compass Inspection Consultants, Inc. in 2002.  Since then we have provided professional Inspector of Record services and construction quality management for over $2 billion worth of construction in California, Texas, Maryland, and Virginia.

We are the first IAS - Accredited special inspection agency for fire-stopping special inspection in CA and TX and are growing throughout the USA.  

We have offices in TX, MN, and CA.