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California Small Business Enterprise

State of Hawaii Compliant Vendor

USACE CQM Certified
Since 2002, Compass Inspection Consultants, Inc. has been providing the Healthcare and Education Communities with the very best Construction Inspection services.

We've learned that the knowledge of trades, products, and codes is only part of an effective quality program.  Managing construction quality in a way that doesn't interfere with the schedule or increase costs is vital. 

No matter what jurisdiction or environment you are in, the life-cycle cost of your building will be far greater than the price of its construction.  An effective design is worth little if it is not properly executed. 

Managing time and money will affect the bottom line of your project now. 

Managing quality will affect it for decades to come.

Put our experience and knowledge to use. Our construction quality management program is.now available nationwide.

Please look through this site or contact us for all the services available.