IAS - Accredited Special Inspection Agency
for Penetration Fire-Stopping and Fire-Resistive Joints

Intertek IQP Inspection Agency
Since 2002, Compass Inspection Consultants, Inc. has been providing the Healthcare and Education Communities with the very best Construction Inspection services. 

Construction Quality Management
We've learned that the knowledge of trades, products, and codes is only part of an effective quality program.  Managing construction quality is vital, and the best time to focus on quality is before any construction task begins.  We have assisted in the completion of hundreds of projects, achieving compliance with approved construction documents, while helping to avoid cost and schedule overruns.

CA-HCAI and Beyond
This approach has allowed us to become one of the largest suppliers of HCAI Inspectors of Record in Southern California. It’s also why our clients have asked us to bring our services to other states. We now provide Quality Assurance Inspectors in Houston, TX, as well as the Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland region, with further growth planned.

Fire-stopping Special Inspections
A few years ago, we recognized a need for qualified third-party inspection of fire-stopping. The containment of smoke and fire is the third component of a complete fire strategy, complementing fire alarm and suppression systems. Proper fire-stopping installation and maintenance is quickly becoming a priority to building departments and insurers around the world. 
In order to meet that need, we first joined with the Firestopping Contractors International Association in promoting the DIIM program: Design, Installation, Inspection, Maintenance.  Our president, Bill Wood, is a member of the FCIA Education Committee.
Second, we have satisfied the requirements of the Intertek IQP program, and are authorized to place the Intertek label on compliant penetration firestops and joints.
Third, we have achieved accreditation from the International Accreditation Service as a Special Inspection Agency for fire-stopping, satisfying the AC 291 and ISO 17020: 2012 standards. We are the first and only such agency in California, and only the third in the USA. 
Bill Wood currently serves on the ASTM E06 Buidling /Committee for fire-stopping and fire-resistive joints.

​Protect Your Bottom Line
No matter what jurisdiction or environment you are in, the life-cycle cost of your building will be far greater than the price of its construction. An effective design is only as valuable as its execution. Managing time and money will affect the bottom line of your project now. Quality will benefit it for decades to come.  

Put our experience and knowledge to use. Our services are available nationwide.

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